Sphericam, the innovative video camera capable of shooting spherical 360 panoramic video in 4K resolution, has been nominated for the Best Hardware Startup for 2016. The camera successfully raised $4 ...more
Mika Salmi has begun adding some pictures from Finland to Panoramic Earth. He focuses mostly on the areas around Lappeenranta, where he was born, and Joensuu. His interest in photography has expanded ...more
The 360Precision prize draw is not to be missed for any photographer, especially panoramic photographers. One lucky winner will receive over £3300 worth of photography equipment and software packa ...more
Google Maps has given London a 3D makeover, allowing us to fly around the city like never before. Click on the Earth view of the map and, voilà, you are now flying through the virtual cit ...more
Today Panoramic Earth broke the 10,000 as over 306 virtual tour 20 images were uploaded to the site from around the world. Klaus Mayer continued his collection from Australia while Malcolm Etherington ...more
Ricoh proudly launched and demonstrated their new Theta 360 camera at the IFA in Berlin in September 2013. This is the first camera capable of producing a spherical panoramic image with a single shot, ...more
With the advent of updating how Google maps function, it is now possible to offer on-page expansion of the Google map showing where the various 360 panoramas are on the site. This would mean not havin ...more
A Texan photography has just completed Operation Stratosphere, the result of which has been 360 spherical panoramas taken from an altitude of about 50 miles above the earth. Caleb Anderson took two ...more

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