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Options for embedding panoramic earth content - free


Virtual Tour Embedding

Panoramic Earth offers several options for embedding our content in 3rd party websites. In this aspect we act a bit like YouTube, but for virtual tours and 360° panoramas instead of videos. Each option is customizable so it can be made to fit easily within your own web pages and use simple copy-paste code. The options available are:
  • Single Panorama Embedding - FREE - embed an individual virtual tour image on your page. Free to contributor's site(s), blogs and other non-commercial websites. For use of our virtual tours on commercial websites, please see the Commercial VT embedding page.
  • Regional Tour Embedding - FREE - embed a collection of images from a region linked to Google maps on your page. This is automatically updated as new virtual tours are added to our database and is sponsored by adverts.
  • Advert-free Regional Tour Embedding - Paid - As per the regional tour, but with advertising removed. Tour restricted to use in a specific domain.
  • Commercial Location Regional Tour Embedding - Paid - For use by hotels, restaurants etc. As per the Advert-free regional tour, but starting at that hotel and showing no other commercial locations on the regional tour. A great way to display what is nearby without promoting the competition, and automatically part of our commercial sector package.
  • Photographer's Regional Tour Embedding - FREE - Personalised Regional Tour available to photographers who have contributed >30 panoramas to the site. It starts at their latest addition showing their images linked to Google maps.

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