Privacy and Cookie Usage on this Web Site

EU/UK Regulation Compliancy

Web sites within the EU areregulated as to their use of cookies. This regulation means that the site must inform the user of what cookies are in use, what they are used for and what the user can do about them if they don't want the site using them. In general Cookies fall into 4 categories:
  1. Essential: Those which are needed for the normal running of the web site. Disabling these is not an option as the site will not function without them. An example of this type are ones which handle shopping baskets or remember where the user is on more complex sites.
  2. Functional: Those which improve the functionality of the site but are not essential. An example of this may be remembering a particular setting such as the language in which the page is to be displayed.
  3. Analytical: Those which benefit the site's owners. An example is the analytical cookies that count and track visitors, see which pages are the most popular and determine what the system capabilities of the user. The former help with determining what is popular and can help a site owner put more effort into the most popular sections of the site, the latter help in determining the best way to present information to the user (for example, is the audience primarily mobile or desktop). Knowing this information allows the site owner to adapt the site to the predominant type of user or, in some cases, to customise the display to the type of device detected. This site also recognises the Do Not Track setting that many browsers have now incorporated.
  4. Advertising and External Services: Those to do with third-party advertisers whose adverts appear on the site. Some of these are not listed below as we don't have any direct control over them. For Google adverts you can change your preferences on Google's site. External services refers to services such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter (other than Facebook authentication log ins). This site has no control over these but links to them will not appear if you select only the essential cookies.
This web site uses the following cookies:

__panid1Login account functions.Until the browser is closed.
__ckl1Remembers your cookie preferences.Either until the browser is closed or 1 year if the remember box is ticked.
_peLanguage1The current language setting.Until the browser is closed.
fbm_X and fbsr_X1Both of these cookies will appear when using Facebook authentication to log into Panoramic Earth. The X will be a random multi-digit value assigned when created. To prevent these cookies from appearing you need to use the normal log in instead of the Facebook version.Approx 1 hour.
__pangmpopup2Will be seen by users uploading panoramas when selecting the point on a map for the panorama. It remembers the last used latitude/longitude position and zoom level so that those with multiple panoramas in the same geographical area are not forced to keep zooming back in from the world map.10 days
__atuvc2Used by the Google G+ icons to update the count often seen next to the icon.2 years.
__utmX3A suite of cookies used by Google Analytics (from __utma to __utmz). These cookies allow Panoramic earth to collect information about how visitors use the website. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the site, where visitors have come to the site from and the pages they visited. Click here for an overview of privacy at Google.Some are persistent whilst others have a short lifespan - see here for more information.)

Some external cookies set by 3rd Party Websites:

Visual DNAvdnaR
These cookies are used to anonymously profile your interests to help advertisers with targeting. You can view and manage your profile atmy.visualdna.com.
Network Punch Enc_aff_session_nnnNetwork Punch uses cookies to track the source of your visit to the Panoramic earth website.
Go Viral use cookies to anonymously track how you use their player.
AddThis__atuvcThis cookie is used for AddThis social media bookmarks.
Essential site cookiescookiesenabled
These cookies are essential for the full operation of the Panoramic Earth website.

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