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Holidays at Sensatori Resorts in the Mediterranean

> Travel Ideas For Sensatori

Located in a variety of locations across the Mediterranean and Red Seas, Sensatori resorts offer a great deal of luxury in some wonderful settings. More than mere hotels with a reasonably close proximity to the beach, these resorts offer families and couples alike a more rounded holiday experience with facilities that are aimed at the more up market traveller. Although Sensatori resorts have this auspicious air of exclusivity, they remain widely accessible for normal package holidaymakers – and this means that deals can often be found.

How To Save

One of the principle ways of bagging a bargain holiday to a high-quality resort, like Sensatori, is to book well in advance. Package holidays that are pre-planned and are organized by legit travel companies are essential for those who want to achieve a grandiose vacation without spending a lot. By choosing a reputable travel agent to tie up your flights and transfers to a Sensatori resort, not just booking the accommodation, savings can soon mount up. When booking in advance, it is also advisable to ask about pre-booking organised day trips out, since this can be better value than leaving until you arrive in the resort. Similarly, early birds can find savings on things like car hire by doing this from the UK in advance, as well.

Family Centred

Many of the Sensatori resorts are set up with children in mind. The Sharm El Sheikh resort is a prime example with a play house for younger ones that is supervised seven days a week and a number of other activities that are suited to older kids, too. There are plenty of family suites available that suit both adults and children, such as the swim-up poolside ones to be found at Sensatori in Crete. Full board and all-inclusive options are available at the resorts and, given the choice of restaurants, there is always something child-friendly on the menu.

Take It Easy?

Taking it easy and using the spa facilities is what many visitors to a Sensatori resort will tell you is what attracted them, but there are plenty of things to do for the more active members of your party. A good example is the Turkey resort which has no less than four swimming pools at your disposal. Pedalos, canoes and motorised water sports are all available, along with fun things like beach volleyball, tennis and even archery. In the evening live entertainment and film nights are regularly held. These resorts really do offer something for everyone.

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