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New England is in the Northeast of the US and consists of six American States: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. It is known for the distinctness of its seasons and is a vital part of American heritage. New England has given birth to some famous American figures including Louise May Alcott, Emily Dickinson, Nathanial Hawthorne, John F Kennedy and Noah Webster. Whatever the season, New England holidays have something unique to offer, whether it be the stunning Fall foliage and it's “leaf peepers”, the Winter snow, the hot summers or the flower blooming Springs, each time of year has its own appeal. Whatever your ideal holiday is, you can find unique, experienced tours designed for the comfort and value for money of their customers.

New England's states are incredibly varied: while Rhode Island, the ocean state, is composed of flawless beaches and mansions, Vermont, is the green mountain state and Connecticut is often visited by New Yorkers for daytrips due to its close proximity to The Big Apple as well as being the home of Yale University. Equally, Maine, which is larger than the other states, houses millions of white pine trees as well as picture-perfect seaside villages. New Hampshire has a range; beaches to relax on as well as forests for scenic hiking and mountains for snowboarding and skiing. Massachusetts is a centre for culture, having secured itself a vital place in American History; it continues to maintain a reputation for dynamic and vibrant culture as well as having a number of beautiful beaches and worthwhile hikes. Each state has their own distinct differences and unique appeal. New England is rich in both culture and scenic beauty and an escorted tour is the perfect vehicle to tackle New England as it lets you absorb the scenery both in transit, gazing at the scenery as you travel, and while you're stationary, letting you get the most from your holiday.

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Whether you want to explore the Heart of New England and Niagara Falls or go on an Eastern Extravaganza you'll be able to find a tour to suit you. The New England tours can offer a quick visit to the natural wonder of Niagara Falls and the opportunity to travel along the Mohawk trail visiting a string of the most beautiful villages in New England as well as journeying through Concord, Lexington and Bennigton; key sites from the War of Independence. The Eastern Extravaganza is a 15 day tour that stops off at key cities on the East Coast and passes through stunning New England villages and stops off in Philadelphia, “the cradle of independence”, as well as giving you the opportunity to see Niagara Falls. With stops in Montreal, Toronto, Boston, New York, and Washington, a tour like this promises to be an eye-opener into American and Canadian culture and scenery.

Whatever it is that attracts you to New England, You'll be able to experience dynamic and stunning holidays that pass through historic and beautiful cities that will no doubt create lasting memories and an insight into American History.

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