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5 Incorrect Myths about Guided Holidays

Escorted holidays and
guided tours often get a bad rap. Perhaps people think they work out to be more expensive, or they don't like to feel they will be herded around from place to place. However, there are many benefits of escorted tours. For people who prefer to relax and not have to worry about planning and organization, tours give them the piece of mind that everything is taken care of. Your tour guide can give you lots of information about the places and sights that you are visiting, so you might learn something new that you wouldn't have known otherwise. Escorted tours mean you don't have to worry about your transport and how you are going to get from A to B. They also allow you relax and take in the scenery without having to worry about planning trains, buses and accommodation. You get to see lots of exciting places and landmarks all in one go, and you get to mingle with other like-minded travellers and make great friends. Escorted tours are particularly good for people travelling on their own for the first time.

Myth 1- You won't have any time to look around by yourself

This is in fact not the case, because you are usually given a certain amount of free time to do what you want to do. Your guide will most likely tell you a time you have to meet back at the bus and then you can go your separate ways. You might want to do some shopping, have a bite to eat or explore some more sights and your tour guide will tell you the best places to do this. Often the amount of free time depends on the size of the tour group and the length of the tour; if it is a relatively short tour with lots of activities crammed in, you might have less time. Longer tours tend to be more leisurely and you will have more time to yourself.

Myth 2- Escorted tours are more expensive

Many people think that taking an escorted tour is more expensive than a DIY approach to travelling, where you organise everything independently. However, tours often provide great value for your money and the activities are discounted because you are in a group. When you think about the cost of transport, meals and activities, tours can actually be more economical if everything is all included in the price. Some places in the world are difficult and expensive to get to, so a guided tour is sometimes the best option.

Myth 3- You'll be herded around like cattle in one big group

Whilst you are in a group, tours vary in the size of the group. You can choose guided tours where you'll be in a smaller group and you'll have plenty of relaxation time. Some tour groups are incredibly informal and sometimes you can choose whether you want to follow the group or break-off from the pack and explore on your own.

Myth 4- You'll spend most of your time stuck on a bus

There may be long bus journeys to get from one destination to another, but the bus will usually make several stops along the way for you to stretch your legs and grab food or a cup of coffee. Often you will be travelling outside the peak hours of the day, so you set off early morning and arrive at your destination with plenty of time to see and do things. How much time you will be travelling depends on the type of tour you choose. If you're going to be covering long distances in a short period of time, then you are bound to be on the bus more often.

Myth 5- Tours aren't fun because they're organized

One of the best things about escorted tours is that you often make friends with the people on the coach. You may make friends that you will keep in touch with for the rest of your life. Some tour guides are brilliant at injecting a bit of humour into a tour and livening things up a bit, whether they get you playing games or tell a few jokes. Not only will you be seeing the highlights of a country, you'll also be doing fun activities and sitting down for meals with other people in your tour group.

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