5 Places Every Photography Enthusiast Must Visit in Greece

Travel and photography holidays in Greece

> 5 Places Every Photography Enthusiast Must Visit in Greece

Greece is a well-loved holiday destination and picture perfect to boot. Sparkling blue seas, unique architecture and lush plants all guarantee fantastic photos. Pack your favourite lenses, jet out there on the many flights available and get exploring!

1.The Sacred Monastery of Arkadi

The Sacred Monastery of Arkadi in central Crete is still home to a small group of monks and was built over 5000 years ago. With plenty of different textures and lighting to play with, this old monastery has the potential to produce some really authentic photos. There’s also a collection of the bones and skulls of people who died in the Cretan revolt if you want to try your hand at capturing something a bit eerie.

Photography Holiday in Greece - Monastery of Arkadi

Image by tedbassman, used under CC license


Santorini is an unusual location full of whitewashed buildings and small chapels that overlook a flat, clear sea. Head down to the coast at sunset for the best shots and to enjoy the last of the day’s warmth with a stunning view.

Photography Holiday in Greece - Santorini

Image by Nikola Totuhov, used under CC license


Spinalonga, officially known as Kalydon, is a derelict island which was once used to house people with leprosy. Boat tours take tourists to the island to explore the ruined buildings which are currently being maintained by the Archaeological Service in Greece. Abandoned buildings are always an interesting photography subject, with the additional spook factor of an entirely empty island, why not try and capture everything that makes this island so unnerving.

Photography Holiday in Greece - Spinalonga

Image by Jacob Martin, used under CC license


Fancy a challenge? Have a go at underwater photography with a special diving programme in Corfu. Uncover the hidden treasures of the sea and capture coral reefs, fish and any shipwrecks you may come across. They’ll provide all the equipment for you so there’s no need to worry about ruining your camera, you can just focus on getting some of the most colourful photos you’ll ever take.

Photography Holiday in Greece - Corfu Diving

Image by Danny Thompson, used under CC license


Most commonly known as turtle island, Marathonissi is the best place for turtle spotting and nature photography. If you’re in the right place at the right time, you might even catch a turtle hatching!

Photography Holiday in Greece - Marathonissi

Image by Jacob Martin, used under CC license

Pay a visit to any of these spectacular photo spots in Greece and you’ll be in for a treat. So take a few snacks with you and get snapping!

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