Advertising on Panoramic Earth

Options for advertising on either the site or our tours.


Advertising on Panoramic Earth

There are several ways in which you can promote your business on Panoramic Earth.
  • Home Page Banner: Priced per month depending on banner size. Place on the home page of the site
  • Dedicated Article Page: Linked to from the home page, containing specific content written by the client relevant to both themselves and Panoramic Earth. Contains text and banner links to the client site(s). Priced per month depending on the number of advertising links included.
  • Single Text Link on a Location Page: Found within the body of the Further Information section of a given location page. Priced per link per page per year, depending on the number of links purchased.
  • Specific Image Promotion: Link appears above the image, seen both within Panoramic Earth and on other sites that embed the tours / images elsewhere. Priced per link per image per year.
  • Banner Advertising on Multiple Location Pages: Want to promote a business on 200+ London pages? An effective and highly targeted promotion. Priced per month.
  • Text Link on Multiple Location Pages: Similar to Banner Advertising on Multiple Location Pages. Your link will appear as a local resource link within all the relevant pages.
Panoramic Earth does not run a link exchange programme, but a suitable link exchange may reduce the advertising fee.

Virtual Tour Dedicated Page

We also offers opportunities to promote specific businesses on our tours, explained more fully here. For a yearly fee this provides you with:
  • An entire page dedicated to your business with a panoramic image showing your location, taken either inside or outside.
  • Promotional links both within the text of the page and above the image.
  • Inclusion of your location on the tours used by other sites
  • Advert free version of the tour to run in your own site which does not include any other commercial locations but does show general images from around the area, as demonstrated on the Hotel Tour page.
  • See this Example Promotion Page for a demonstration

Panoramic Earth Travel Directory

Currently under development, this dedicated travel directory will provide local businesses with the opportunity to list themselves as a local resource to the destinations featured on the site. Have a boat hire company in Poole? Once running, your company information will be displayed alongside the Dorset locations as a local resource. Check back later for future news.
For further information please contact us providing your specific request.

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