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Welcome to the map of Slovakia (Slovensko, Slovenská republika). Here you will find travel guide about the different places in the Slovakia, with local information and reviews. Each place featured also has a 360 panorama linked to a Google map of Slovakia which show you what is there and where exactly it is. The panoramic images are contributed by people who live in, or have visited, parts of Slovakia, and also come with the personal comments of the photographer. Together this provides a unique insight into the country and a continually growing guide.

About Slovakia

Slovakia is a land locked country in Europe. It shares borders with the Czech Republic and Austria to the west, Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east and Hungary to the south. Slovakia and the Czech Republic used to be a united country known as Czechoslovakia until the peaceful 'Velvet Revoloution' in 1989. By 1991, Slovakia had declared itself a new sovereign state with a new capital: Bratislava. The country is divided into 8 kraje (singular - kraj), which are the equivalent of counties, which, listed below, run roughly west to east across the country.

Regions of Slovakia
1. Bratislava Region (Bratislavský kraj) (capital Bratislava)
2. Trnava Region (Trnavský kraj) (capital Trnava)
3. Trenčín Region (Trenčiansky kraj) (capital Trenčín)
4. Nitra Region (Nitriansky kraj) (capital Nitra)
5. Žilina Region (Žilinský kraj) (capital Žilina)
6. Banská Bystrica Region (Banskobystrický kraj) (capital Banská Bystrica)
7. Prešov Region (Prešovský kraj) (capital Prešov)
8. Košice Region (Košický kraj) (capital Košice)

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