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Waldshut-Tiengen (Oberes Tor)

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Waldshut-Tiengen is formed by the merged towns of Waldshut and Tiengenis in the southern Germany. The city lies on the southern edge of the Black Forest 341m above sea level on the northern banks of the river Rhine which is also forms the border to Switzerland in this area. Waldshut-Tiengen formed in 1975 and has a population of 23,000.

In the 13th century Rudolf von Habsburg built the fortification Waldshut which quickly developed into a town. Despite having been repeatedly badly damaged in several wars over the centuries, the town has many well preserved historic buildings, especially along the Kaiserstrasse between 2 old towers of the fortification.

Waldshut-Tiengen - Attractions

Waldshut-Tiengen is one of the gateways to the southern part of the Black Forest and many of the local attractions are based around outdoor activities. Among the local attractions are:
  • Oberes Tor (Schaffhauser Tor / Upper Gate) - eastern gate to the town built on 13th century foundations and former prison.
  • Kaiserstraße - pedestrianised main road lined with shops and cafes.
  • Church of Our Lady - 18th century church incorporating a 13th century Choir.
  • Waldshut Historical Buildings - notable among which are Schultheißschen Haus, the Greiffenegg-Schlössle, the Waldvogtei (forest reeve's house), the Lower Gate (Unteres Tor) or Basler Tor (west town gate), the Roll'sche Haus and the town hall (Rathaus).
  • Hexenturm (Witches' Tower) - round tower in the inner town fortifications, which served as a prison for apostates.
  • Storchenturm - formerly called the 'Diebsturm' (Thief's Tower), 14th century tower in Tiengen.
  • Heilig-Kreuz-Kapelle (Holy Cross Chapel) - 17th century church with roots dating back to well before then.
  • Schloss - Tiengen Castle - former stately home now housing the Klettgau Museum.


Tourist-Info Waldshut
Wallstraße 26
79761 Waldshut-Tiengen
Phone.: +49 (0)7751 833-200


Car:Waldshut-Tiengen is on the E54, 85km south of Freiburg im Breisgau and 60km east of Basel.
Train: Waldshut Station

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