Roman Forum (Forum Magnum)

The ruins of the Roman Forum (Forum Romanum or Forum Magnum)

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Roman Forum (Forum Magnum) - FURTHER INFORMATION

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The Roman Forum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rome. Entrance is free and the Roman Forum quickly fills with large groups of tourists being guided through the ruins. If you want to visit the Roman Forum with some relative quiet then it is best to do so early in the day.

The Roman Forum (Forum Romanum or Forum Magnum) was built in a valley between the Palatine Hill and Capitoline Hill on what was marshy ground. Around the middle of the 5C BC there was a great flood in Rome. As a response Tarquinius, the king of Rome at the time, ordered the construction of a great drainage and sewage pipe to drain the area. This was the the Cloaca Maxima, and the opening is now a tourist attraction next to the Ponte Palatino on the River Tiber.

On the drained area Tarquinius set about building the Roman Forum. Tarquinius was the first to celebrate a Roman triumph by wearing a robe of purple and gold, and parading through the city on a chariot drawn by four horses. His last act was to begin the construction of a temple to Jupiter Optimus et Maximus on the Capitoline Hill. He was assassinated shortly after, ending an illustrious 38 reign.

The Roman Forum, or Forum Magnum, became the central area around which the rest of ancient Rome developed. The area was continuously rebuilt upon and contains many layers of material. It was the main focus for civil administration, justice and commerce. As time passed the Roman Forum expanded to include numerous temples, the senate house and other law courts.

When the Roman Empire fell the Roman Forum became buried and forgotten. The area used as a cattle pasture during the Middle Ages, and became known as the Campo Vaccino. By the late 14C the ruins were being excavated and plundered for building materials to be used in other projects.

Ruins of the Roman Forum

There are panoramic images within this collection of a number of the areas within the Roman Forum. Each includes some information about the principle area featured. The Roman Forum contains so many ruins, many being just a few parts sticking out of the ground, that it is not possible to cover them all.

Temples in the Roman Forum
Temple of Antoninus and Faustina (now the chruch of San Lorenzo in Miranda)
•Temple of Castor and Pollux
•Temple of Caesar
•Temple of Concord
•Temple of Saturn
Temple of Romulus
•Shrine of Venus Cloacina
•Temple of Venus and Roma
•Temple of Vespasian and Titus
•Temple of Vesta

These were the main meeting areas within the Roman Forum
•Basilica Aemilia
Basilica Julia
•Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine

•Arch of Augustus
•Arch of Septimius Severus
•Arch of Tiberius
Arch of Titus (seen on the skyline in this image)

Mamertine Prison

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