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Guide and map of Hongkong with panoramas.

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Panorama taken from Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island


Hong Kong - Hong Kong visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Hong Kong' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is the top travel destination in Asia. The vibrant city never stops, bustling with people day and night, full of fantastic restaurants, clubs, shops and theatres. Ruled by the British between 1842 and 1997, Hong Kong has become a global city of trade and commerce, and an important finance centre. The whole territory contains Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories, and over 200 offshore islands, of which the largest is Lantau Island.

Geographically, Hong Kong is found on the south coast of China, 60 km (37 miles) east of Macau on the Pearl River Delta. It is surrounded by the South China Sea on all sides except the north, which borders Guangdong province, the Shenzhen River and Shenzhen city. Much of the terrain is comprised of very steep hills with only 25% of the area developed. However, the areas that are built upon contain some of the most densely populated on earth. The city scape is one of the most famous on the planet, and the coastline around it has many beautiful beaches and the UNESCO listed Hong Kong National Geopark.

Hong Kong's infrastructure is highly developed, with comprehensive ferry services between various islands, an extensive Mass Transit Railway (MTR) and plenty of buses. For the visitor, this makes moving around Hong Kong very easy, with most of the transit network covered by the Octopus Card. Hong Kong International Airport has been repeatedly voted the best airport in the world, a major hub for Asian flights and serving about 50 million passengers a year. This combined network makes travel to your hotel on landing very easy, and provides easy access to most of the popular tourist attractions in the city.

Hong Kong - Sights and Attractions

Hong Kong as over 600 hotels providing accommodation for almost any budget. Many of the luxury hotels are clustered along the water front with views over Hong Kong Harbour. Some of the top tourist attractions and sights are broken into the areas of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and Outlying Islands. Many of these attractions are featured on this virtual tour of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Island Tourist Attractions

  • Victoria Peak - one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong, with stunning panoramic views over the entire city from Peak Tower, the Peak Tram, temple, shopping and restaurants.
  • Madame Tussauds - as popular in Hong Kong as it is in London, full of wax works of famous people.
  • Hollywood Road, Cat Street, Man Mo Temple - also known as Cat Street, this bustling road contains antique shops and the Man Mo Temple dedicated to the gods of literature (Man) and war (Mo).
  • Western Market - housed in a 1960's building full of boutique shops and restaurants in Central.
  • Lan Kwai Fong - coming alive at night this is a 'night club central' of Hong Kong, full of restaurants and street stalls.
  • SoHo - 'South of Hollywood Road', the SoHo area of Hong Kong is full of upmarket international restaurants and bars and has the longest covered escalator in the world.
  • 1972,Victoria Park - built for Queen Victoria this park hosts the New Years celebrations and other outdoor events.
  • Hong Kong Park - popular urban park containing an aviary, greenhouse, the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, fountains, lily ponds, playgrounds, a restaurant and a marriage registry.
  • Golden Bauhinia Square - found outside the Hong Kong Exhibition Centre Wan Chai waterfront this square is where where the official return of Hong Kong to the Chinese took place in 1997.
  • Happy Valley Racecourse - built on reclaimed marshland, international horse racing has been held here since 1846.
  • Jumbo Kingdom - found floating on Aberdeen Harbour this is one of the most famous restaurants in Hong Kong with seating for up to 2,300 people.
  • Ocean Park Hong Kong - found on the south side of Hong Kong Island this is a world class marine life theme park featuring animal exhibits, thrill rides and shows.
  • Repulse Bay - upmarket residential area with one of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong.
  • Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum - opened in 2006 the museum celebrates the life and times of Dr Sun Yat-sen who was instrumental in the founding of the Chinese Republic in 1912.
  • Ladder Street - 65m long stepped street with some of the oldest buildings in Hong Kong.

Kowloon Tourist Attractions

  • Jade Market & Jade Street - around 400 stalls selling a wide range of jade pendants, rings, bracelets, carvings and ornaments.
  • Avenue of Stars - walkway along the waterfront with various statues commemorating film stars, including a life size statue of Bruce Lee.
  • Clock Tower - 45m high clocktower built in 1915 close to the Star Ferry Terminal with great night-time views over to Hong Kong Island from the nearby terraces.
  • Hong Kong Cultural Centre - theatre and concert hall complex surrounding the Clock Tower, a great place to watch the Symphony of Lights attraction.
  • Hong Kong Museum of Art - museum specializing in Chinese culture and heritage from the 16th century onwards.
  • Kowloon Park - opening in 1970, this is one of the main public parks in Hong Kong with an aviary, ponds and other attractions.
  • Tin Hau Temple - found near the Jade Market, this is the most famous of the 60 Tin Hau temples in Hong Kong.
  • Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck - viewing platform on the 100th floor of the International Commerce Centre (ICC), the tallest building in Hong Kong, a popular attraction with panoramic views over the harbour.
  • Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple - found near Lion Rock Country Park the temple is dedicated to the monk Wong Tai Sin (aka Huang Chu-ping), who was born around 328AD and became deified at Heng Shan (Red Pine Hill) in his later life.

New Territories Tourist Attractions

  • Temple of 10,000 Buddhas - founded in 1949 by a monk called Yuet Kai, the path up to the temple is lined by Buddha statues from around the world while the temple itself contains some 13,000 tiny Buddha statues.
  • Mai Po Wetlands - covering some 380-hectare the wetlands are home to some 20,000 to 30,000 migratory water birds.
  • Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees and Tin Hau Temple - the wishing tree is popular with locals looking for good fortune and the temple, built by Emperor Qian Long of the Qing dynasty (1736 - 1795), is the largest temple of its kind in Tai Po.
  • Hong Kong Wetland Park - world-class ecotourism facility aimed at promoting green tourism, education on environmental protection and wetland conservation.
  • Hong Kong Global Geopark - UNESCO listed geopark which includes the Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region and the Northeast New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region.

Outlining Islands Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

  • Lantau Island Tourist Attractions
    • Hong Kong Disneyland - massively popular tourist attraction, the theme park is all things Disney with various rides and two Disney-themed hotels.
    • Giant / Tian Tan Buddha seated overlooking the Ngong Ping plateau, this 35m high Buddha took 12 years to make and is the largest, seated, outdoor Buddha in the world.
    • Po Lin Monastery - found near the Tian Tan Buddha, the monastery has a vegetarian restaurant and access to the Wisdom Path which recreates the Heart Sutra prayer.
    • Ngong Ping 360 - dramatic cable car ride from Tung Chung Bus Station to Ngong Ping and the Giant Buddha.
    • SkyCity - massive shopping and entertainment complex within Hong Kong International Airport.
    • Tai O Fishing Village and Stilt-house - home to the Tanka people, an unusual fishing village built on stilts above the mud flats.
    • Mui Wo - small village with a lovely beach and old silver mine on Silver Mine Bay.
    • Pui O Beach - picturesque and quiet beach on the souther side of Lantau Island.
    Cheung Chau Island Tourist Attractions
    • Cheung Chau Waterfront - bustling with activity, local shops, restaurants and seafood market in the Cheung Chau Complex.
    • Pak Tai Temple - dedicated to the Taoist god of the sea the temple was built in 1783 and holds the annual Cheung Chau Bun Festival.
    • Cheung Po Tsai Cave - cave named after a local pirate who hid here before surrendering to the authorities.
    • Cheung Chau Beaches - the island has several good beaches including Tung Wan Beach near the ferry terminal and Kwun Yam Wan Beach next to Kwun Yam Temple.
  • Lamma Island Tourist Attractions
    • Sok Kwu Wan - picturesque fishing village with restaurants lining the terraces in hills above the bay.
    • Yung Shue Wan - popular village with many restaurants and a 100-year old Tin Hau Temple.
    • Sham Wan Beach - found between the two villages, this beach is a nesting site for green turtles.
  • Peng Chau Island Tourist Attractions
    • Tin Hau Temple - the Tin Hau Temple on Peng Chau is 200 years old.
    • Fishing Market - Peng Chau holds a fresh fish and seafood market every morning.
    • Cheung Chau Harbour is bustling with life, full of local restaurants with accessible walks in the surrounding hills.

Hong Kong has many other small islands waiting to be explored by those willing to make the effort and get away from the bustling crowds of Hong Kong Central.


Flight: , with easy connections to central Hong Kong via MTR Airport Station or Airbus.
Road: Tsim Sha Tsui is about 35Km from the border with Guangdong province and Shenzhen City.

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