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Joensuu (Metla House)

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Joensuu - Joensuu visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Joensuu' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from North Karelia.

Joensuu literally means "Mouth of the River" and this town sits at the outfall of the river Pielisjoki in the Saimaa lake system in the North Karelia province of Finland. The city was founded by Czar Nicholas I of Russia in 1848 and is now the provincial capital. It is about 90km west of the Russian border town of Vyartsilya. In the early days, Joensuu grew on timber trade but has since also become an important university city and in one of the fastest growing cities in Eastern Finland. The Keskusta, or City Centre, lies close to the Pielisjoki river and still contains some original 19th century wooden houses.

Joensuu Sights and Attractions

For the visitor there are a few things to see and do in Joensuu itself and a lot of surrounding countryside to explore. Some of the local attractions include:
  • Joensuu Arena - the largest wooden building in Finland
  • Keskusta (City center) - with some original wooden buildings with wide streets to protect against devastation by fire
  • Tori (Market) - during the summer this vibrant market takes place in the city centre
  • Carelicum - a North Karelian Museum containing a wide range of karelian folklore dresses and also maps and photographs of places nowadays inaccessible behind the Russian border
  • Utransaari (Utra islands) and Kalasaari island - islands open to the public in the on the Pielis river to the east of Joensuu with campfire shelters
  • Ylämylly - small town to the west of Joensuu with an old care museum


Joensuu Tourist Information
Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd
Koskikatu 5
80100 Joensuu
Phone: +358 400 239 549


Flight - internal flights from either Helsinki or Talin to Joensuu airport followed by bus into town.
Train - from Helsinki via Lappeenranta taking about 5 hours
Bus - 7 hours by coach from Helsinki

Recent Local Panoramas

Joensuu New Year 2018
Joensuu New Year 2018 / Joensuu
Rytmihäiriköt playing at Joen Yö festival 2017
Rytmihäiriköt playing at Joen Yö festival 2017 / Joensuu
Metla House
Metla House / Joensuu
Kaltimo Canal
Kaltimo Canal / Eno
Pyytivaara's Observation Tower
Pyytivaara's Observation Tower / Kontiolahti
Graffiti on the Wall of Kuntokeidas
Graffiti on the Wall of Kuntokeidas / Joensuu
Joensuu New Year 2017
Joensuu New Year 2017 / Joensuu
Marjala Canal
Marjala Canal / Joensuu

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